this is a true-life podcast about fear.

our fears change our behaviour. the shivers shares the stories that precipitate this change - the how, when & why of fear.

next episode: nov 7 2018

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all welcome - though i'm particularly interested in times & places where you may have felt unsafe. stuff like: checking your backseat before you get in your car. hurrying through a parking garage. feeling hesitancy to get into an elevator. if you've had a man (or woman) stand too close, follow too quickly, or watch you from across a room. i'm interested. i want to know how you felt & what you did. also, bugs, dogs, basements, mice, small spaces, water, public speaking... whatever. it doesn't have to be rational, though it can be. it doesn't have to have a beginning, middle & end. i just want to hear about your personal experience with being afraid.